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How to use this Mailing List

Gwendall Petit
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1/ Register in Nabble
- If you wants to post, you have to be register in Nabble (see how to register here).
- Then you had to subscribe to the forum or sub-forum which interests you.

2/Subscribe to a forum
- To receive the new messages by e-mail, you have to subscribe at first.
- At this step, you are not able to post new topic or reply to post.
- To subscribe to this mailing list, Click "Options --> Subscribe via email"

For more information about the Mailing list options, click here

3/Post message or create new topic in a sub-forum

Send request to post messages
- To post messages , you have to send a request to this mailing list's owner --> to send this request, create a new topic or reply to a post --> follow the instructions in the new window.

Be carreful, you have to make as much request as there is sub-forums (here Users and Developers) !

Write a post
- Click "Options --> Post by email..." to get the email address of this mailing list  --> Be carreful, this email address is for one member and for each sub-forum (e.g one email address for "OrbisGIS Users" and another one for "OrbisGIS Developers"). Save them in your contacts for more simplicity.
Please note that this address is unique to you and only accepts emails sent from your email address (which you use to register) . The purpose of this design is to help prevent spam.

4/ Other
- You can post messages via email or through the forum interface below
- All web posts and emails are archived here