Extrapolation to turistic boat traffic and air traffic.

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Extrapolation to turistic boat traffic and air traffic.

Good morning,

I'd like to create a noise map of a Natural Regional Parc in France (Golfe du Morbihan).
The european directive from 2002 already ordered to map the noise of certain roads, tracks, airport, and towns.
The space I'd like to map have a heavy trafic of small turistic boats during summer. I know the maritime routes they take, and i can calculate how many boats are in circulation within one day on every routes. The average speed and the maximum speed are also a known factor (boat speed is reglemented).
Is it pertinent to extrapolate the NMPB 2008 to that case ? Pretending that maritime routes are the roads and the boats the vehicles ? I have been told that NMPB2008 coud not be used for noise spreading above large surface of water, and above 1000m of altitude. Maybe without other possibilities and explaining clearly that this method causes metodologic problems, it can be a first approach of the sound emission map for theses boats.
I'd also like to do the same for the aerian traffic of helicopters : knowing theyr routes, speed and number.

Last question : if I measure with NoiseCapture a sound source at one point, can I use this point with NoiseModelling as a sound source to modelize the propagation of the sound ? I mean for instance if I measure a bird song (at around 5 meters from the bird), can I use this measure at one point to modelize the sound propagation of the bird song in space with Noise Modelling ?

Thanks a lot for reading,